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Welcome to Atman Info Solutions
Atman Info Solutions is a Human Resource consulting firm which specializes in providing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services to staffing and consultancy firms in Australia, UK and USA. We focus on back office processes within the recruitment industry so that our clients can focus on their core business activities. Atman Info Solutions brings expertise in recruitment process outsourcing to cut down your recruitment costs.

Our extensive recruitment industry knowledge, outsourcing expertise and innovative offshore delivery model coupled with our portfolio of value added services improve the quality and efficiency of our clients. As a result, our clients recognise significant cost savings of up to 75%, as well as a valuable time advantage—all with the flexibility demanded by the pace of today’s business.

At Atman Info Solutions, we are committed to building, deploying and managing the world's most efficient back office processes within the recruitment industry while ensuring exceptional client experience through world-class talent and strong management focus so that our clients achieve the greatest value from their partnership with us.

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